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Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is United Way?

United Way is a locally based, volunteer-driven non-profit organization dedicated to supporting quality health and human service programs that make our community a stronger, better place for us all. United Way partners with local agencies, organizations, civic groups and local government to find lasting solutions to problems in our community and to provide needed programs and services.  United Way focuses on the areas of education, financial stability and access to healthcare.   UWCFA’s Community Impact process focuses on bringing local people from crisis to stability.

How are funding decisions made?

Each year, funding decisions are made through the extensive Community Impact Investment process. Local health and human services agencies must submit funding requests to be considered for funding. Volunteer-led committees review funding requests and compare them with community needs, recommendations are made to the UWCFA Board of Directors. Upon approval, dollars are distributed as grants for specific programs addressing the most pressing needs in our community. UWCFA-funded programs must meet strict standards of accountability in order to maintain funding throughout the three-year grant period.

What if I can’t afford to give much?

Every person’s gift makes an impact. Together, all investments through the Community Impact Fund are used to create positive change in the lives of local people willing to work hard to improve their lives.  Investments to the Community Impact Fund are leveraged to create the highest potential return.  Every donation makes a exponential difference in the lives of local people in need.

Doesn’t giving to my church cover the same thing?

Donating to your faith community is one important part of charitable giving. Giving to United Way’s Community Campaign is another, with its special focus on the health and human services needs of all the people in our local community.

Why not give directly to an agency?

Some individuals do prefer to give directly to a particular agency. In fact, UWCFA has a designation policy that is responsive to such donor wishes. A gift directly to UWCFA’s Community Impact fund, however, helps support a network of human service programs that address all community needs in a cooperative and collaborative manner. UWCFA’s combined fundraising efforts allow area agencies to focus more time on their primary purpose: helping people. A gift to UWCFA is leveraged to its full potential to address the most pressing needs in our community and to support the most effective solutions to community problems.

Can I designate my gift to another non-profit agency?

UWCFA honors donor designations. It is highly recommended to invest, instead, in the Community Impact Fund where trained UWCFA volunteers can oversee, track and guarantee the results of your investment.

Who benefits from my gift?

Community Impact funds are invested entirely on the local level.  Programs that gain Community Impact funding help local individuals and families who are willing to work to create positive and sustainable changes in their lives.

How can I make a difference?

A gift to UWCFA does make a targeted difference. There are many opportunities within our community to get involved through volunteering and advocacy.  If you are interested in participating in United Way’s campaign or investment process please call (910)798-3900 or email us at events@uwcfa.org